Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NO YELLING ALLOWED!!! 30 Day Challenge

Ok, so I announced it the other day on Facebook, that I was not yelling for 30 days and that you all could follow me on my blog in my journey. 

So here it is.  Here's the story behind the whole idea, if your interested in reading the rules and such....


This lady named her blog "Orange Rhino", because she needed something to yell when she became upset or also a code word for her kids to give her when they could tell she was going to yell.  She gives all kinds of neat ideas to use not to yell at your children.  Also the different levels of yelling and what is acceptable.  I have also joined a group on facebook called, "the Joyful Rhino and Friends" group.  My friend Suzanne over at  actually introduced me to the whole thing. 

So anyway, back to us here at Hannah's Wings........

Day 1:  Went very yelling, however the stress of the day was extreme!!!  Satan totally wanted me to yell!!!  The radiator in the van blew up while we were driving down the road, we found out our insurance on our new business was going to be extremely expensive, and few other just over the top things. 

Day 2:  I had lots of company over preparing for the "Seder Meal" at church and did very well.

I'm not sure where it went after that.  So, here's what I'm doing.  I decided to take this a month at a time.  And hopefully a new good habit every month.  I read somewhere that if you can do something for 30 days it becomes a habit.  So for the month of April, I will be working on yelling (Ronnie says after I achieve this, he will try ;) 
I'm hoping this will also motivate me to be better about writing here.  :) 

****Just had to get up from typing to break up an argument between the older two....and I didn't yell!!!  Yay!!! 

So, here's to everyone with me......keep calm, remember to start out in a whisper when you are getting upset and you will have farther to go before you are yelling.  And here's a few resources to help us along the way.

In this book, Teri Maxwell talks about her struggle with depression and yelling and being angry ~

                                                            Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit
~Proverbs 15:1~
~Phillipians 4:13~
I encourage you to look up these verses if you don't already know them and memorize them over and over when getting upset.  Also, I would encourage you to create your own journal and keep track of your days and how many times you get upset.  It's amazing how motivated we become when we can see progress.  Satan won't be able to keep us down as long if we can look back on our blessings when we are having a bad day :)
And remember, if all else fails.....Smile....even if you have to fake it!
Have a blessed day :)

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  1. I read about this challenge... and honestly, am not ready for that. I think it would require too many changes... I'll get there one day! How did you do?