Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No, We're not turning Amish,.......but I'd like too!!!!

Ok, so here it is.........musings from the last couple of weeks.  I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, as you all know we've had terrible sickness in our family lately, and still battling.  

SO..... lots of people have seen my posts on facebook and ask if we're turning Amish and the answer is:  Unfortunately not :(  I'd love to, but Ronnie says no. 

It's ok, they do have a lot of different views than I do, however, I love to have their simplicity way of life!!!!! 

So here goes, this is what's been going through my mind, going on in our house, books I've been reading, etc.

We have made the decision to stop immunizing our children....and though I don't have the time or the energy to go into detail about why, here's a run down.
It all started when a friend of mine told me that she did not with her children and to do my own research.  Come to find out looking back through Hannah's medical records, she did get sick for about a week after she received her first shot.  So I did, I started researching..... and I kept coming across the same thing over and over again.  Children getting sick after getting the shot, alot as far as having seizures!!!  But as we all know there are warning labels on the drugs themselves telling us to watch out for these things, in other words to protect the drug companies.  Then I read how it's "supposedly" safe to give a newborn 2 month old up 6 different shots but it's not safe to give a 7 year old the same dosage!!!!!  That was a really lightening strike for me!  Also, almost all of the immunizations contain live bacteria, of course to build up your body against these certain diseases, however in some cases (just like with anything else) they have had serious sideaffects.  And all along Americans have just been going on about their business, thinking that something else has affected their child, because the doctors have beat it into our heads that they need these immunizations in order to live "healthy" lives!!!!  WRONG!!!!  There have been recent studies done on the Amish communities, where they do not have autisim, SIDS, ADHD, and list goes on and on. 
  And everytime a new study comes out telling us that they have "proven" that autisim is not linked to immunizations, trace it back.......the studies are done by the actual drug companies that are selling your doctors office the drug, OF COURSE THEY ARE GOING TO TELL YOU THAT!!!! 
  My final straw was these past couple of weeks when I started noticing the government getting involved.  Each state is trying to pass it's own set of laws regarding who can have an exemption and who can not!  Thankfully, we homeschool, so my children will not be affected unless they would attend public school and then would be required to update their shots.  New Jersey just past a bill stating they are going to crack down on the "religious exemptions".  Well I'm sorry, but that is taking away my civil rights to parent my children, not to mention, you really see what's going on, don't you?  Too many lobbyist from these drug companies are paying our government leaders to pass laws that every child be vaccinated!!! 
  Anyway, I said I didn't have time and here I've went on and, again, we've have made the decision to not vaccinate our children any farther.

  Other things that have been going on around our house.....we have been trying to simplify our lives and become more self sufficient.

  ~We of course have been homeschooling for about 2 years now.
                                                   The kids making homemade bird feeders.
  ~I've been working hard at learning how to make my own bread, even though, I'm not good at it yet, I'm not giving up.
  ~I've started making my own laundry soap.  (A how-to post to follow soon, I promise!!!)

  ~My wonderful husband finally got my clothesline put up, so we've been drying a lot of loads outside.

   ~We've started gardening this year!!!!  My strawberries are in the ground, wish me luck on those!!!  And my tomato seeds have sprouted in the house and are growing strong!  (Pictures on all of that to follow)

   ~We've given up all tv except for our netflix, which is only $8/month, which we could now easily live without, because we barely even use it!

   ~I've been trying all kinds of new receipes for cooking from scratch.

   ~Eating dinner together every night as a family.

   ~We've also been getting back to the basics of parenting, the biblical way. 
            *Books we've read:
                -To Train up a Child    by: Michael and Debi Pearl
                -Effective Parenting in a Defective World     by: Chip Ingram

   ~And both Ronnie and I have been going to bed at night laying side by side reading our bibles.  Yes, we look like an old couple reading before bed, but I promise, we are the happiest we've both been in a long time!!!!

  We have been convicted on several things here lately.  I firmly believe America has gotten away from the basics we were founded on and we're paying for it now with our society.  I just pray my little family here just continues to grow in the way God will lead us to go. 
  I love you all and I hope you hear me with open ears and take some of what I've said and do your own researching or soul searching on what is best for your family.  And just know why you do the things you do.  I'm scared that most Americans just live their day to day lives not questioning anything, just doing it because the guy beside them is.  That's not the life God intended for his people.  And we are his people!!!!!