Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015-2016 School Year & School Room

   We've started school over in our neck of the woods (actually bean field).  We started early in August this year, because we really like to take the whole month of December off.  I am also schooling twin 4 year olds this year for preschool, and so we needed to jump into a routine before they started coming.  We are continuing on with Heart of Dakota again this year.  I've been asked several times how I organize all the books with 3 kids in 3 different guides.  So here is some pictures of how we do things.
I use a "tweaked" workbox system.  Each child has their own drawer with the books they are currently using.

Next to that is where we store games, play-doh, and other educational tools.

Under our white board, we have boxes of crayons, markers, colored pencils, flash cards,
 coloring books, extra binders, and a few other games.
Each child has a binder with his/her notebooking pages.
The boxes to the right are my "portfolio" boxes.  Each child has a box of completed assignments,
special projects, tests, and past binders.
The bottom box is our Math-U-See blocks.

This is our main bookcase, where I store everything we will be currently using. 
There are a few things, I've never used and are just there as extra resources,
but for the most part, everything has been or is being used currently.

Next to our world atlas (that our neighbor from our previous home graciously gave us),
is our craft book case.  The top files are construction paper, card stock, and craft books. 
The boxes beside are Lindsay's bead making and the kids' embroidery box.
 (A wonderful friend, that was one of my teacher's assistants when I was in school gave
 the kids all these beautiful pillow cases and squares to embroidery!  They love them!!)
The other boxes are paracord, sewing, wood stamps, acrylic paints, stickers,
 glitter glue, and random craft boxes.

   The kids are in a pretty good routine now.  Derek is in Preparing Hearts for His Glory this year, Lindsay is in Bigger Hearts for His Glory, and Leah is in Little Hearts for His Glory.  I am surprised at how independent they are becoming in their individual learning. I really thought I would never say that, because Derek, especially, relied on me a lot throughout most of his school day in the past.  He actually enjoys taking most of his work to his room now and working on his own.  He still needs my help introducing new lessons in English and Math, and wants me to read his History to him (which I enjoy).  It does take me about 20 minutes per child to go over any new lessons, read their History and/or Science, do their Bible Study with them, and instructions for any notebooking pages.  Leah's lessons take more one-on-one, since she is the only one reading out loud to me this year, but she is making great progress!!   The older two have 15-30 minutes of reading to themselves. 
    *Funny story from reading time this week*  - Derek came to me just giggling like crazy, and said, "Hey Mom!!  Listen to this!!"  He proceeded to read to me out of Black Beauty, "I would be happy to take you, ma'am.  Where would you like to go?" "To Paddington Station, please."  Just laughing, he said, "You think they saw the bear, mom?"  Too cute, Derek, too cute!!  Oh, how I wish I could keep my children just like this forever!!  It's the small moments just like this, I wouldn't trade for the world! 


 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,
But fools despise wisdom and instruction.
Proverbs 1:7





Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Productive Summer

    Well, we have had another wonderful summer, with lots of adventures and hard work!  Ronnie decided to take us to Hemlock Cliffs, where he did some repelling in the Army.  It was a wonderful day of hiking and climbing!!  The kids thought it was the greatest day ever!



Time for a rest
Eagle's Nest in Cannelton

The Locks & Dam

Here comes a barge!!!
      A family friend offered to take a few of us up in a small airplane.  Derek decided to stay on the ground with me.

Here's our house from above!
     Lindsay turned 8 this summer.  We had a wonderful birthday swimming party for her.  Several of her friends came and swam and ate cake and ice cream!

     Lindsay also learned to ride a bike without training wheels!!  Her best friend Lil' C then took her training wheels off her bike.  Very Exciting!!

   We also worked very hard on freezing corn and canning pickles!!  I had my friend Nikki over and we worked together freezing enough corn for both families.  

This cat ended up eating almost 6 ears of corn!!

An outdoor kitchen, on a warm day.

Many hands make light work.

Cooper ate almost as much as the cat!

   VBS 2015 at Bethel Community Church.

2015 4-H County Fair

Derek won 3 1st places in Horse & Pony!!!

Derek's Shooting Sports poster went to State Fair!!

Just having a little conversation with the lamb ;)

Leah won one of the 1st place prizes!!

Lindsay also won 1st place!!

And Derek won 2nd in his class!!
And the kids ended the fair by winning 3rd place in the "Ugly Vegetable" Contest :)

How was your summer?  Ready for school to start now?
Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.
 1 Corinthians 15:58