Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas, Sickness, New Years

  Well, we have been absolutely bombarded with sickness around here since before Christmas.  Everyone pretty much cleared up for Christmas day except Leah, who ran a fever all day.  Then we all came down with it again after Christmas and then again on New Years :(  For the most part it was sinus and ear stuff.  A couple of episodes of other (if you know what I mean;), but not much of that compared to everyone else around us.  Thank goodness!!  We're not out of the clear yet though.  I'm hoping it's over soon.

  We were able to make it through our Christmas Play at church without getting sick.  But just barely! 
Here's the link to the watch the play.  Be ready to turn the volume down, due to lots of loud screaming ;)  Christmas in Cricket County

  Our Christmas was very nice, unfortuantely my mom and step-dad could not come down and join us for the day like they have in the past.  There was too much sickness and they had it going on up north as well :(  We once again did our "3 gifts just like Jesus".  The kids actually only opened 2 of their gifts and saved one to open when Grandma and Papaw came down.  (Which was great, because Lindsay's 3rd gift had not come in the mail yet!  *Note*  when buying Internationally from ebay it takes longer than the the suggested time period of shipping.)  The kids also, spent some time picking out a gift to give each other again this year, which is soooo sweet to watch them really think about each other.  Even Leah put thought into her gifts!

  Normally, I would do a birthday post, but since we were not feeling well, I didn't get around to doing so.  On, New Year's Day, Derek turned 8!!!  I do this every year, and every year, it doesn't seem possible that he can be that old.  I told him, he had to stop growing, he of course did not agree, until that night when we were eating supper.  A friend of mine told me what they do with their children while eating, so we quickly incorporated it at our dinner table.  When trying new foods or finishing up a plate of food they don't particularly like, they are required to take as many bites as they are old.  So when Derek asked that night if he could take 7 more bites and then get up, he quickly realized he now had to take 8 and said, "Ok, I don't want to get any older".  :)  Love him!!!
 The following weekend we had a birthday party him at our church and all of his friends came.  It was an Army theme, so Ronnie set up some chairs for an obstacle course, we did a tug of war, and played Bingo.  Then after his party we came home and did Christmas with Grandma and Papaw.

  On Monday we started school back up and the day went very, very well!!!  I couldn't believe how well!  I woke up early, the older two kids and I read our 4 chapters of the New Testament (Our church is reading through the New Testament in 90 days), did our morning chores, schoolwork, and stayed on schedule all day!!!  Tuesday came, and I didn't wake up as early, we didn't read in the morning and it was a struggle to stay on schedule all morning.  We did it, but it did not go nearly as smoothly as the first day.  I am honestly finding lots of truth to Proverbs 31 woman, in verse 15 "she gets up while it is still dark...", and I know I've said this over and over again, but like Peter, when will I learn?  My day always goes much smoother when I rise early and get in the Word early!!  
  Tuesday night, I got sick, so yesterday was terrible and you can tell it when we don't stay on schedule, the house falls apart!!  So today, I will be doing a lot of clean-up!  :)

  Ronnie starts a new bible study tonight at church on Biblical Manhood!!  I am soo excited for him to go.  I think it's going to go right along with the bible study I have been doing for women. 

 So that's the update so far.  I'm hoping once we get over all this sickness, 2013 will be fun filled blessed year :) 

Blessings to you all,
Amanda :)

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