Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Worst Fear

    I know, I know I'm a country girl and should not even been admitting this, but I can't help it, I'm pretty sure this thing was out to get me.  But like always my Prince Charming came to my rescue and saved me (not without a little teasing of course)!!!  It's been a rough couple weeks having to deal with this knowing he/she is watching my every move.

  It all started one day when the kids and I came home from running errands and we found a dead mouse on the living room floor that Midnight, our trusty cat, had killed.  Well, I just about lost it!!!!  Lindsay and Leah were asleep so I very nervously went and put them in their beds and then Derek and I set in the kitchen waiting for my sister to arrive to remove my worst nightmare.  Well, Midnight didn't like this at all.  She wanted praise for her great accomplishment!  So she starts dragging the thing closer!!!  And Derek and I just start flipping out. Soon my sister,Olivia, our hero, arrives and removes the awful thing from our home.  However, I think Midnight confused the cries of despair with shouts of joy, for the a couple days later I'm standing a the kitchen sink, washing dishes and my foot begins to tickle.  I look down and Midnight is placing a LIVE mouse on my foot!!!!!!  Talk about having a heart attack!!!  I screamed bloody murder and acted like a mad person.  Ronnie came running though the house ready to kill someone.  All the time, I was on the phone talking to my grandmother, whom, I'm sure I gave a heart attack.
  Needless to say the mouse got away from all of my circus jumping.  A few weeks later, I was walking into the kitchen to finish up dinner and I saw the mouse scurry across my kitchen counter and once again I screamed in hysteria and Ronnie of course came ready to kill some intruder again (you'd think he'd know by now ;)  So he sent me to the dollar store to buy some mouse traps that he set that night.   The next day the picture above is what I walked into the kitchen to see!!!  He sat there for at least 10 minutes staring at me!!!!  So I took his picture.  Because Ronnie hadn't seen him yet, he was beginning to doubt my screams of terror.  
  That night while sitting on th couch talking Ronnie and I heard one of the traps go off, so we went to check it and sure enough my Prince Charming had rescued me once more!


  1. Oh my goodness, Amanda!! I am TERRIFIED of mice! I could hardly stand to read your post...I couldn't even look at the picture. I have a few horrible mice stories myself. Just ask Mom about it. :)


  2. Oh, I'm so glad I'm not alone!!! We should start a support group for our fear ;)

  3. Ha! Ha! You gave me a good laugh this morning! I read it out loud to 3 oft children. We live in the country and we have our own mice stories. However, after 12 years out here, we've gotten pretty use to mice and if you look into their eyes, they are pretty darn cute - if only they'd stay off your feet right? Rofl!!

    Happy day.