Friday, December 31, 2010

My baby turns 6!!!!

      On January 1, 2005 at 7:15 am my first child, a baby boy, was born.  Derek William Roach.  5lbs 19 inches.  But I'll back up a little to explain the picture.  Now every new mother, I'm sure hates their afterbirth snapshot, but really, you have to admit my looks extra horrible.  But I'm willing to show it because of the story.  On New Year's Eve night Ronnie and I went to the local Christian Church to chaperone a lock-in where we were playing a game shock-wave (I'll have to explain it some other time).  The game involves standing up and shouting shockwave for you team to win, well it was my turn to stand up and I would feel a contraction everytime I'd stand, so long story short Ronnie took me home to relax, I was still about 2 weeks from my due date.  By 2 am I was having such sharp pains and they were abnormal to what we had learned labor would be like, Ronnie insisted taking me ahead to the hospital.  By the time we were in the car and on the way the pain was almost more than I could bare.  And with this being Ronnie first birthing experience, he was a nervous wreck!!!  He was driving as fast has possible, well needless to say only drunks drive like this on New Year's Eve and of course we got pulled over.  However, the cop was nice and as soon as he saw that I was in labor quickly retreated to his patroller and escourted us to the hospital. 
  Around 5am the pain, I thought was going to kill me and the nurses kept telling me to breathe.  However, there was no breathing that I could do, there was no relief in between these so called contractions.  Finally, Ronnie had about all he could handle, so he slipped out and called the doctor at home and told him he felt something wasn't right with his wife.  So my wonderful OB doctor came flying in and order blood work and I was immediately prepped for a c-section when my labs came back announcing that my platelets were dangerously low and my liver enzymes were all out of whack.  They had to perform an emergency c-section because I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome (which to this day is controversial).  The doctor told Ronnie later had he not of called when he did, another hour he would have probably had to choose me or the baby.  I was very, very sick for several days afterwards and don't really remember even takng this picture.  My mother helped me breast feed Derek until was coherent enough to sit up and do it myself.  It was a very scary event for our first born and has severly frightened my family from agreeing with us having more children. But as always, God has proven himself amazing and has always taken care of me!

And now I wonder where the past 6 years have went.....

Derek talking with Papaw Randy on their cell phones.

   And I thank God everyday for my amazing little miracle!!!!

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