Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All of it?!?! Really?

1 Corinthians 10:31 ~ So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it "ALL" for the glory of God.

  The first few years of marriage, and actually up until about the past year, were quite a struggle for Ronnie and I revolving around housework.  I didn't keep things up quite to his standard (which by the way is a military standard and the typical housewife should not be held by the same standards......just sayin'!").  I had always thought of myself as a decent housekeeper, I've been in many houses and definitely knew that I was doing better than most!  (Have you ever watched the show "Hoarders"?)  Anyway, I was tired of always feeling like I was failing and I know he was tired of coming home to a disorderly house, so I started studying.  Was Satan just using this to attack our marriage or was there really something wrong with me, what was the deal?!  Then I came across someone's blog post and the above verse and also heard Steven Curtis Chapman's song "Do Everything" on the radio and finally started to open my eyes a little! 

  I was supposed to be doing everything to glorify God and that included my housework.  Really?  Housework glorify God?!  How?  Well, I had to come to terms with the fact that yes, this is what God has called me to do and it may not be spectacular everyday, but I still need to glorify him with whatever I do.  And since my calling is a mom and a housewife, I should glorify him with my house "work".  But instead and I was getting upset because the baby squished crumbs into the rug and the big kids had spilled something again. 
  ~ I had given up on trying to please Ronnie with the house, because it felt like there was always something wrong.
  ~  I was trying to always make Ronnie happy and was getting discouraged when I should have been trying to please my Lord and then in turn bless my husband.
  ~  It's amazing what happens when you change your attitude. 

  Don't get me wrong, I still dislike dishes (even though my wonderful husband agreed to purchase a dishwasher last month!)  But now, I can see the difference.  I am working for the kingdom of heaven, not for just another day on earth waiting for my time to be over.  I need to be passing on this trait and wonderful world of being a woman in Christ on to my daughters. 
  So in conclusion, no my house is not spotless all the time, but I will say there is a difference in how clean it is now compared to before, now that I feel like I have a purpose/calling in cleaning it 700 times a day! 

    How about you?!?!  Do you ever feel overwhelmed with stepping on legos in the night on the way to the bathroom?  Or like no one ever notices what you did  get accomplished instead of what you did not?   Remember it's ok!  God sees it!!!  Have a Blessed Day!!!

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