Thursday, March 29, 2012


So, I know alot of you are probaly going to think this is gross, but for the others that are from southern Indiana you can feel my excitement through this post!!

  So, yes, it is early, but it's been sooo warm here (except for this week), that Ronnie went out last Friday and found 5 small gray ones.  So yesterday while at work everyone kept telling him how many they were finding, so when he got off work, he called me and told me to get the kids ready we were leaving when he pulled in the driveway!!!

  ***Flashback***  When I was younger, my favorite time of year was spring!!!  It was lambing season on our farm and it was finally time to go to the woods and MUSHROOM HUNT!!!!!  That is one of my fondest memories with my dad.  (Excluding the part, of him yelling at me to slow down so I didn't step on any!  Anyone feel me on that one?)  Daddy and I would go for hours and couple back with quite a few, then fry 'em up and have mash potatoes!!!  Oh, my mouth is just watering thinking about it!!!

  Anyway, so we all piled in the van and headed out to "our spot", which can not be disclosed, for if you are an avid mushroom hunter, you know what "spot" I'm talking about!!!  Derek and Lindsay were full of excitement, because you know this only have a few days out of the year!!! 
  Well right off the bat, Ronnie found several.  And of course, the kids started running toward him, and he yells the famous words "Don't run, you might step on some!!!"  (I think it just is bred into the male body to holler this at the kids during mushroom season.)  For I had to remind him, to calm down, they all fry up the same! 

  All this time, I'm having to give Leah a piggy back ride, because she is not liking the woods!  We tried to have your pick some, but she wasn't too sure about that either.  But she sure would get excited when someone found some!  She even found one, while I was bent down picking another one that Ronnie had found!!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!  She was sooo excited!!  Derek and Lindsay both found two on their own also.  I was so proud of all of them. 
  As we were walking along, I kept praising God for such a beautiful day with my family!!!  I can't see like I use to, and I got a little frustrated, that I couldn't find as well anymore, but that's ok, my job nowadays are to encourage the kiddies to find them and to have fun!!!  I will take on the job of frying them up with some mash potatoes in the kitchen later on!!

  We ended up finding 38 in all, which in our family, that is 76!!!!  (We cut them in half to soak and get all the bugs out and when you fry them up it, make you feel like you have more!!;)

*Tip from Grandma*  If you want to make the last longer, after rinsing them lay them on a plate to dry for a few minutes.  The flour them, and lay them on a cookie sheet in the freezer for about 20 minutes and then throw them in a baggie to (try) keep all year.  Throw a few in the deep fryer with whatever meal you choose!

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