Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Stress

  So, it's that time of year again!!!!  And this is my first Thanksgiving that Ronnie and I will be hosting!!!  I'm really excited!!  This time of year always gets me excited, however the older I get and the more responsible with finances I get, the more depressed I get.  I try so hard to keep my excitement for my children and for myself, to remember the reason why we even have this season!!! 
  We have Christmas the same time as Thanksgiving with my family because my grandparents take off for the winter.  So even though my husband would prefer to separate the two holidays and enjoy Thanksgiving for what it is, we have to combine them. 
  So this year, I have made a new resolution!  We are doing meaningful gifts this year and perhaps even homemade.  I'm tired of everyone getting caught up in the "rush" of it all.  I want to actually enjoy this time together.
  So, I'm looking for good homemade gift ideas.  Also any homemade receipes are welcome too!!

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