Thursday, November 18, 2010

AAAHHHH!!! Part 2

   So, I've actually came a long way, since my last post!  I actually swept the dining room and living room and mopped!  I tell you though, a houseful of hardwood floors is going to be the death of me!!!  I saw the other day one of those shark mopping systems, I think that's what they are called, and told Ronnie that that's what we needed.  And he response was this....  "Why don't you just take a dust cloth and put it on the end of your swiffer?"  Ok, brillant husband idea!!!  I'm thinking, Great!!!  This is why I married him, he just saved us $50.00!!  (We won't talk about how he's the one that I'm usually having to keep from spending money, right now!)  Well, it seemed like a great idea until I tried it.  Needless to say, Swiffer is much smarter than they look!  It doesn't work, I about broke my back pushing that thing with a dust cloth on it!  It doesn't glide gently across the floor with a dust cloth like it does with their disposable cloths!  So now, I'm in the market for either a really cheap shark or I'm going to start looking for the hardwood floor attachment to go on my rainbow sweeper.  
  However back to my motivation....This is how bad the house has been lately!!
    See that piece of corn in the baby's mouth?  Yeah, I didn't realize it was there until I took the camera down to look at it to make sure the picture wasn't blurry!  How bad am I?!?!?!  You see, when step out of our house all you can see it corn fields, well, my oldest daughter thinks this is great and loves to pick up random pieces of corn, which in turns falls in the floor and I have to pick up.  Needless to say, I don't always get them all!!  And the human vacuum cleaner gets what I've left behind.  And then on top of that when I don't stay motivated, it's even worse!!!  You can also tell how dirty the house as been by looking at the toes of her socks, look how much dirtier they are than the rest of the sock!!! 
  So go ahead and share how you've not been motivated in the past or lately, so that I'll feel better ;)

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  1. Oh my gosh Amanda - I can't quit laughing!!!!!!!! That is seriously too cute & too funny!