Monday, September 13, 2010

Moving/Settling In

Well, once again, God has blessed us beyond our imagination!  Friends of ours had been renting this house and we had attended a party for church and come inside to take a tour.  We absolutely fell in love with it at once!  So we told them when they were ready to move on to call us.  Within a couple of months they told us they found a new house and would be moving out, so I facebooked (because that's what you do in these new age times) the landlord and ask if we could be on the waiting list for.  Within a couple of weeks I was told we could move in.  So I put our trailer up for sale on Monday, sold it on Thursday and we moved into the new house on Saturday.  Only God, could prepare such a move!  However, Satan was hard at work too!!  All day Saturday, I had the worst, I mean the absolute worst allergy attack!!!  I was absolutely worthless.  Thank goodness for our dear friends that helped us.  Between them and my wonderful husband we got everything moved in one day.  However, it wasn't all roses.  Ronnie and I fought to start off the day and I cried, but being the loving husband that he is, he quickly told me he was sorry and told me to just go to the new house and do as much unpacking as I could. 
  So now, I've spent the last two weeks unpacking and putting away, buying new appliances, painting, decorating, and trying to keep up with laundry, meal planning, and homeschooling all at once.  Oh, did I mention we still have storyhour, youth group, gymnastics, and soccer going on?

  See how hard it is to keep up!  Lindsay's bed has not made it into the new house yet.  We're painting it to match the rest of the furniture in the girls' room.  Doesn't seem to bother her, though, does it?

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