Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sooooo tired of being sick!!!!

  WE ARE SO TIRED OF ALL THIS SICKNESS!!!  I am just about to my wits end!!! The baby has had this for 7 weeks!!!  I've taken her to the doctor 4 different times and she was even put on anitbotics and nothing has helped!!!  The other two also do not feel good, but are not nearly as bad as the baby.  She runs anywhere from 103 - 100 fever almost everday, coughs non-stop, and runny nose.  She's been on benadryl the full 7 weeks and she also takes her inhaler everday, we use the vaporizer every night, vapor rub on her chest, and tylenol and motrin for her fever.  So finally I broke down and took her to the Amish doctor yesterday and this is what he said.  Pour 2 cups of peroxide in her water for her vaporizer and 2 tsp of Silver Shield in with it.  Also I'm to give her 1/4 of tsp of the Silver Shield by mouth once a day.  I'm to try this for a week and it should break up all of the mucous and then she'll break her own fever once she doesn't have to fight the flem.  I was really nervous about going to this Amish doctor, but it wasn't that bad at all.  I might go into more detail about my experience in a later post, but for right now just pray that my baby girl gets to feeling better.
She falls asleep anywhere.....

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