Friday, July 30, 2010

A Good Day

  Well,  today was a peaceful day.  I've been struggling with financial issues, for some time now.  We've been trying to follow the Dave Ramsey plan, and it just gets very stressful for me.  And this being Friday, pay day, is always the worst.  I pray every Friday morning, that there just be enough money to get us through the week, and then get very discouraged when there's not exactly what I'm expecting.  But somehow, God makes it stretch each week.  I don't know how, but he does. 
  So I took the kids to their last swim lesson this morning and then we had a picnic in the park with our friends.  We swaped out kids and I got to spend some one on one time with Derek and Lindsay back at the pool for an hour.  They both learned to go down the water slide this week and absolutely loved it by today.  It was definately good for all three of us. 
  Then this evening I took Derek to meet Ronnie for a father/son campout at Wonder Valley Christian Camp.  I'm so proud of him for staying over there and having some bonding time with Daddy.  However, it makes me very sad how fast he's growing.  It seems just like the other day he was my baby boy, rocking him to sleep or sleeping on his Daddy's chest for naptime on Sunday afternoons.
  When the girls and I arrived back in town we stopped by the church to help finish decorating for VBS.  We had  alot of fun with the other ladies!!! 
  I am really looking forward to starting school here in a couple of weeks.  Derek will be in kindergarten and Lindsay will be starting her preschool curriculum. 
  Well I have plans to visit the farmer's market in the morning, so I should probably get some shut eye now. 

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