Friday, August 17, 2012

School Room or Not?

  I have a friend that has the cutest little school room in the whole world!!!  It's not like a whole classroom, but a room away where she can store her school stuff and a table for the kids to sit around, a couch for reading, and a computer area and such.  It's adorable!!!

  However, in our house, there is no extra room for that here (even though my hubby has some really neat ideas on how to add one), so this is how we school....

  For the most part we school around our dining room table.  All memory work, math, phonics, handwriting, and such happen here.

Sorry for the mess and indecency, but this is how we school in the mornings ;)

All our schoolbooks are kept on the bookshelf and
games are in the drawers under our computer table.

All reading, bible, catechism, history and some science happens in the living room on the couch.

  Some schooling even takes place in the bathroom.......

Sometimes, school happens in the kitchen........

Making snow ice cream last winter.

  Yesterday, school happened at Spring Mill State Park. (Sorry, I have no pictures, my camera ran out of batteries :(  We loaded up our books and grabbed some lunch and went and found a picnic table by the creek and had an awesome time doing our schoolwork out in God's amazing creation!!!  Once the kids were finished up with their work, I took a timeout of my own and worked on lesson plans while they played!  We are definately going to be doing a lot of this, this fall!!!  (I promise to get some pictures :)

  The main thing is, it doesn't matter where your school takes place as long as you put God first and the children are learning something new each and every day :)

  Do you have a schoolroom?  Where is your favorite place to do school?  What does your schooling look like?

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  1. Your first picture made me smile! That is how our dining room looks during school (and yes, sometimes even the little one in only a diaper!). The problems I run into is sliding everything to one side of the table so we can eat lunch!! I started out wanting to keep school in one area of the house, but I'm finding that school happens all over the house. The organizer in me goes crazy, but it's all worth it to have my kiddo's at home each day! Have a great day!


    1. I totally agree, Jess!! Right now our table seats 6 and there is only 5 in our family, so we put everything at the end of the table at the empty chair most of the time :( Drives me crazy, but hey, survival of the littles right now!! :) As long as we are together, that's what matters!

  2. we are building a new house right now, and should be ready to move in by the first week of October. i spent months planning out what i wanted for our school room, and finally realized that i didnt want one at all! i added a full size closet to our den, and that will be our school closet. a place to store all the school things other than books. this room also will have the computer desk, piano, and a comfy reading chair. that way one child can practice piano, while the rest of us work in the kitchen, or my daughter can have a little peace and quiet to read, without her brothers bothering her. other than that, we really prefer to do our table work in the kitchen, so that i am able to wash up breakfast dishes, fix lunch etc. while also helping the kids with their work. reading and history are done on the couch, or in the back yard on a picnic blanket. the thought of us all having to be in the same room all day long? no thanks!