Friday, July 13, 2012

My prayer

As I sit here in the quiet of the morning.....

The children are all still sleeping....

I wonder what God has in store for my day.

I pray for strength, wisdom, and patience....

For I know, it will not be an easy road.

Because I am a horrible, wretched sinner....

And it is Jesus that I was my children to see,

instead of me.

I pray for my oldest, a son, to one day become

a stong, Godly, man. 

To desire to do what is right and a yearning

to help and love others with his whole heart.

I pray for my two beauties, that one day

they too will crave God over fleshly desires.

I pray for Jesus to shine through their hearts

so that everyone can see Him and not theirselves.

I pray for my husband, the man of my dreams...

I am so blessed and thankful for who he has turned out to be.

I pray for strength, wisdom, and patience...

For I know, it is not an easy road.

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