Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guess What?!?!?!?.......That's Right, I...........

I MET THE DUGGARS!!!!!!!!!!!
This past weekend we attended the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention and had a wonderful experience!!!  I was really overwhelmed when I first saw the exhibit hall, but ended up feeling like I was in heaven with all of the different curriculum choices!!
While looking at some discounted curriculum, Ronnie grabbed my arm and whirled me around and whispered in my ear "There's the Duggars!"  Over behind us at the IBLP booth were all the kids.  I automatically about got weak in the knees, but Ronnie reminded me that they are people just like us.  So I just walked up and ask them if I could have a picture taken with them and then we just started talking!!  It was sooo awesome!!!  And I talked to them about curriculum!!!!  I ask them what all they used and then we discussed what I have been doing with Derek and Lindsay.  Anna and Jinger were behind me talking to other people.  And all the boys and Joy Anna were inside the booth talking to people.  It was so amazing to see them interact with people, yes they are just people like you and I, but have had fame thrown at them at lightning speed and they were handling it so gracefully.  They were very polite.
Then later on that afternoon, I attended a workshop that Michelle led, which was very, very good.  I left completely renewed as a mother and very encouraged!  If you've never heard them give their testimony, I recommend that you try sometime. 
That night, we had tickets to the Grand Finale with the Duggars.  We stood in line for over 2 hours because the tickets for our seats were first come first serve.  So after they opened the doors, Ronnie grabbed my hand and ran to the front of the room as fast as he could drag me!  And he did it!  He got me front row seats!!!!  It was amazing!!!

Sorry, the pictures are blurry, but you get the gist of how close we were.  The kids played and sang.  Which they are all very talented!  Then Jim Bob and Michelle gave their testimony, which was sooo good!  Ronnie isn't near the "Duggar fanatic" as I am, but he really enjoyed it too! 
I'll post more about the rest of our trip including pictures to the Creation Museum later this week.

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